Energy neutrality

We strive towards energy-neutral business perations by using solar panels, heat pumps, LED-lighting and charging stations. In this manner, XL-Company tries to minimise its carbon emissions and its ecological footprint.


“Eco Friendly” fabrics collection

We make use of the latest developments in recycled eco-friendly fabrics from the “Fabraa” collection. For example, we offer fabrics made from recycled plastic PET bottles, post-industrial cotton waste, 100% recycled polypropylene and recycled consumer wool. These fabrics are manufactured with the greatest care, resulting in lower carbon emissions and less water and energy consumption compared to traditional production processes. Besides looking great and being more sustainable than traditional alternatives, these fabrics also have a high Martindale, which makes them ideally suited for both the consumer and the project market.

Circular and sustainable entrepreneurship

We want to make sure that the products we make today can be used as the resources of tomorrow. To that end, we have implemented various solutions, such as a compactor that allows us to transport cardboard for recycling as efficiently as possible, thereby lowering carbon emissions and stimulating the reuse of these raw materials. Separating all other raw materials is another one of our organisation’s core values.


Modern fleet of vehicles

We are constantly investing in a cleaner and more modern fleet of vehicles. Our trucks meet all relevant emission standards (Euro 6) to ensure they emit as few harmful substances as possible (e.g. carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot particles).